6 Board Matches

Background and general guidance

This Excel result form is intended to provide:

  • a convenient means for recording match results; and
  • a convenient format for extracting results for loading into a database (the database is then used to produce reports – including for the league website and for ECF grading).

First, check that you have the latest version of the result form. The form you are currently accessing is dated 27/11/2016. We will update this form periodically (which may have updated player lists, new features and/or bug fixes) and post here.

Use a fresh version of the form for each match result. So far as possible, the form is automated but in some cases manual input is necessary (see next section) – when this occurs, automation features are disabled and this renders the form non-reusable.

Provide a value for as many fields as possible. Required fields which are commonly forgotten are highlighted with an orange background until a value is assigned.

Please don’t cut-and-paste values within the workbook – this is liable to mess up cell names and render the form unreadable by software.

Send completed result forms in .xls format to

Completing the form – step by step

Set field values as described below and in the same order:

Set Tournament. Click on the input cell directly to the right of the ‘Division’ label. This should reveal a drop-down list ‘control’ – with a downward-pointing arrow – to the right of the input cell. Click on the control to show a set of values. Select one of the values.

Set Date. This is the match date. The value should, of course, be a date and this can be typed in a variety of formats – for example, ’11/1′, ’11 Jan’, ’11/1/13′ and ’11 Jan 13′ are equivalent and will automatically expand to ’11 January 2013′.

Set Home Team. Set the value by selecting from the associated drop-down list (in the same way as for Division). The values available will depend on the previously selected Division value.

Set Away Team. Set in the same way as for Home Team.

Set Colours. Set the Board 1 Colour from the associated drop-down list. Values for the remaining Boards will be set automatically from the Board 1 Colour. If necessary, a lower-board Colour can be overidden – just type ‘White’ or ‘Black’ against the appropriate cell.

Set Home Players, Away Players, ECF Refs and Grades.

  • Select player names where possible from the associated drop-down list. The corresponding ECF Ref and Grade values will populate automatically. Note that player names, initially at least, are as recorded in the ECF Grading List. Please contact the Results Officer if a name should be changed.
  • For a new player, type their name, ECF Ref if the player has an entry in the ECF Grading List (see http://ecfgrading.org.uk/) otherwise leave blank, and Grade (estimated if necessary). Names should be in ‘, ‘ format – for example, ‘French, Angus J’.
    Set Scores. Set the value by selecting from the associated drop-down list. Use ‘0 (def)’ for a named-player default. Total scores will auto-populate.

If a Team’s grade total exceeds the limit for a Division this will be indicated with the players’ grades shown in red.

Set Adjudication and Adjournment details. Complete these as necessary (if there are no adjudications and no adjournments then there is nothing to do). For adjudications, a copy of the position is required (the League Controller can provide a claim form). For adjournments, please submit an updated result form once a result is known.

Set Comments. Use the text box to provide further information for the League Controller and/or the Results Officer. Use Alt-Enter to start a new line.

Set Submitted by and Submitter’s team. Type the name of the submitter. Select the Submitter’s team from the associated drop-down list.

N.B. In the case of players whose grade is 50 points or more below the average grade for the tournament
a grade equal to the tournament mean grade minus 50 should be entered manually.